WSA proposes an agreement with Guangzhou


Photo: Guangzhou

The Werner Schlager Academy, founded in 2010 and now well established as a world class training centre in the heart of Europe, has now taken a further step forward in widening its range of item on an ever growing itinerary.


Recently, the WSA CEO Martin Sörös and Chinese marketing expert Chen Weixing visited the Tianhe Sports Center, an ITTF Hotspot Training Centre in Guangzhou.


“First of all I have to say that Chen Weixing, he is very familiar with table tennis China, and myself were very impressed with the facilities in Guangzhou City”, said Martin Söros. “We had a fruitful and very constructive meeting; we agreed a long term partnership between the Werner Schlager Academy and the ITTF Hotspot Centre in Guangzhou.”


The agreement between WSA and Guangzhou focuses on co-operation as Martin Sörös further explains: “We will start an exchange of players and coaches for sessions and seminars in Schwechat and in Guangzhou as well; in the summer Guangzhou expressed an interest to send some hobby players, perhaps with their parents to Schwechat to spend holidays and train.”


“In the future we also want to push other ITTF Hotspots all over the world to be ready for more exchanges and co-operation”, added Martin Sörös.”I know that the International Table Tennis Federation has always a strong interest to bring the Centres together and motivate them to co-operate.”


The WSA hopes that the will of co-operation between ITTF Hotspots can be spread and set an example for others to follow.


“Great credit must go to Adham Sharara and the ITTF Development and Coaching Department; I think that the time has come to enter a new era and to bring the table tennis community closer together”, continued Martin Sörös. “The Werner Schlager Academy is ready to do its job in this direction and I like the idea from my friends here in Guangzhou to have as soon as possible a Conference of the ITTF-Hotspots wherever on this planet.”


Food for thought, most certainly a strong friendship had been formed.


“I thank Jim Feng and Linda Zhang for a very warm welcome”, concluded Martin Sörös. “We will stay in touch.”


An agreement to the benefit all, it is an agreement to further the cause, the cause of table tennis.


Article courtesy of the ITTF

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