WSA at the World Championships in Suzhou - 5


Tetyana Bilenko

How did the round of sixteen evolve for our female WSA-players and who managed to advance to the finals?


As could be read in the earlier reports, our WSA players Matilda Ekholm and Tetyana Bilenko played splendidly at the World Championships and made their ways to the round of sixteen. There they dropped out after a hard fight.

Ekholm kept up with her chinese opponent Mu Zi in the first 2 sets, but lost the next two without much of a chance, which meant a 0:4 loss.

Tetyana Bilenko played against the young Japanese Mima Ito against whom she again showed a great performance. In a close game she lost 1:4 and also dropped out.
The quarter finals were dominated by the Chinese. With Mima Ito and Tianwei Feng only two players apart from china were represented but couldn’t come out on top. In the semi-finals Ding Ning played against Mu Zi and Li Xiaoxia against Liu Shiwen. In the first Semi-final Ding Ning won very closely 4:3, in the second Liu Shiwen 4:1. The final was also a tight match where Ding Ning managed to keep her nerves and overcame her opponent Liu Shiwen with a 4:3 victory.


In the mens contest, as reported, all the WSA players lost in the round of the last 32.
The quarter-finals were again dominated by the Chinese. Ma Long won against Tang Peng 4:0 , Fang Bo defeated the german Patrick Franziska 4:1 and Fan Zhendong Timo Boll 4:2. Zhang Jike faced the Japanese Jun Mizutani and won 4:1.

As a result, the Semi-final pairings for Sunday were Ma Long against Fan Zhendong and Zhang Jike against Fang Bo.


The the men’s double final was also played on Saturday. In this game Xu Xin/Zhang Jike defeated Fan Zhendong/Zhou Yu 4:2 and crowned themselves World Champions in the doubles.


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