Woes and Joys at the beginning of the Single-Events


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At the day after the Team-Event, the contest went on for those WSA-players who were not seeded in the main event.



In the women’s event, Rahel Aschwanden, Nicole Trosman, Daniela Dodean-Monteiro, Lea Rakovac, Alex Galic, Sarah De Nutte and Andrea Todorovic had to play qualification. Dodean-Monteiro and Todorovic however had to quit although they showed very strong performances in the team event.


Alex Galic won her group, but in the first round lost straight with 0:4 against the German Han Ying.


Sarah De Nutte qualified as well but had to face her strong WSA-colleague Tetyana Bilenko in her first round match and lost 0:4.


For Lea Rakovac it went the same way. She managed to overcome the qualification stage but was was then defeated by Natalia Partyka 4:1.


Besides Bilenko also Matilda Ekholm was seeded in the main round. She didn’t have any problems with Camelia Postoaca and went to round 2 with a 4:1 victory. In round 2 she started again very well and won the first two sets against Irene Ivancan. Then however she lost focus and Ivancan managed to win the next 4 sets and therefore the match.


For Tetyana Bilenko it went better. In round 2 she defeated Maria Xiao from Spain in a very close game 4:2 and will now (as the last remaining WSA-player) face Elisabeta Samara from Romania, the current number 21 of the World Ranking.



In the men’s event a lot of WSA-players had to undergo the qualification round: Dominik Habesohn, Daniel Reed, Stanislav Golovanov, Tomas Konecny, Tomas Polansky and Lubomir Jancarik. Reed gave up right from the start and from the rest of the guys only the 3 czech-players Konecny, Polansky and Jancarik made it to the main event.


Tomas Konecny unfortunately lost in the first round against Kristian Karlsson from Sweden.


A lot better the first round went for the young Tomas Polansky who surprisingly for everyone defeated Stefan Fegerl, who played so brilliantly in the team-event. Polansky was 0:2 down but in the end won 4:2. Fegerl couldn’t find any explanation for this occurrence except the fact that he became very nervous-something that he haven’t felt before in the team-event. Against Liam Pitchford from England Polansky then didn’t have much of a chance and lost 1:4.


Lubomir Jancarik took all the motivation from the qualification round with him and in the first match won against Paul Drinkhall 4:2. In the second round he faced the former WSA-player Alexander Shibaev from Russia. A very close match developed with the better end for Jancarik who scored a 4:0.


In the round of the last 16 he will again play against a WSA-colleague: Robert Gardos. He defeated in the first round Marc Duran 4:2 and then won against Jon Persson in 4 straight games.


Daniel Habesohn faced a very strong opponent in the beginning. The rising star of Portugal Joao Geraldo. With a very good performance he won 4:2 and in the second round played against Andrej Gacina, the number 33 in the world ranking. Habesohn unfortunately didn’t have his best day and was defeated 4:1.


Joao Monteiro managed to overcome the Hungarian Daniel Kosiba in the first round in a very close match but then lost against the Russian Alexey Liventsov 2:4.


For Chen Weixing it went similar. In round one he overcame Tomislav Kolarek but then dropped out against the Turkish Li Ahmet with 1:4.


Mihai Bobocica didn’t manage to show his qualities at all. He lost 1:4 in the first round against Jens Lundqvist from Sweden.


Marcos Freitas, who is top-seeded from all WSA-players acted absolutely confident until now. First he defeated Fedor Kuzmin from Russia with 4:0 and then in the second round Peter Sereda from Slovakia with the same result. In round two he will face Patrick Franziska, in the team-event conquered by Daniel Habesohn.



4 players from the WSA are still fighting for a medal in the single-events so we keep our fingers crossed. Also in the doubles-events a couple of our players are represented. The doubles start this afternoon.



Come on guys-fight and win!

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