The ( European ) Table Tennis is focused to Schwechat near Vienna.
More specifically, to the Werner Schlager Academy, when dated

4 - 13 October 2013 the largest table tennis training center in Europe will be the stage for the stars of the continent.

The LIEBERR European Table Tennis Championships are the largest and arguably most prominent in the history of this sport:
Participants from 45 nations, journalists from 35 countries and TV reports that reach to Asia (China, Japan, Singapore) and huge internet presence make the European Championships at the WSA a festival. True to our slogan "We are Europe."

The Werner Schlager Academy is not only (together with the strong partner ÖTTV) organizer of this big event, but also with its entire coaching staff like the chief and top trainers Dirk Wagner, Richard Prause, Mario Amizic, Aya Umemura, Dmitry Levenko, Mathias Habesohn , . . . permanently present.

Right in the middle also star trainer Tamara Boros, who a number of days will supervise the Croatian team.

And: The WSA is the strongest participating "nation" of the title matches. No less than 28 players, including stars likes the Portuguese aces Marcos Freitas and Joao Monteiro or the entire Austrian National team (which will have expected gold in the team competition) led by Chen Weixing.

Also at the start is the complete Champions League team from SVS STRÖCK with Daniela Dodean, Li Fen, Tetyana Bilenko and Petra Lovas.

A sparkling festival of superlatives is just around the corner.
Lets go . . .

The WSA team at the European Championships in Schwechat:
Daniela Dodean ( SVS STRÖCK ) / Romania
Petra Lovas ( SVS Ströck ) / Hungary
Tetyana Bilenko ( SVS Ströck ) / Ukraine
Li Fen ( SVS Ströck ) / Sweden
Andrea Todorovic / Serbia
Alex Galic / Slovenia
Ievgenija Vasilieva / Ukraine
Rachel Aschwanden / Switzerland
Stanislav Golovanov / Bulgaria
Marcos Freitas / Portugal
Joao Monteiro / Portugal
Matiss Burgis / Latvia
Mihai Bobocica / Italy
Daniel Reed / England
Alexander Shibaev / Russia
Samuel Novota / Slovakia
Checked Mischek / Austria
Robert Gardos / Austria
Chen Weixing / Austria
Daniel Habesohn / Austria
Stefan Fegerl / Austria
Feng Xiaoquan / Austria
Simon Pfeffer / Austria
Stefan Leitgeb / Austria
Martin Storf / Austria
Dominik Habesohn / Austria
Dominik Plattner / Austria
Martin Heimberger / Austria


For more information and all results for LIEBHERR European Championships can be found here :



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