Video: Austro-Rapper Lukas Plöchl at the WSA



Lukas Plöchl - Entertainer, Austro-rapper, stage hog. For about three years the 23-year-old Upper Austrian is a fixed star in the Austrian music business. A man of tomorrow, possibly the man of the future in the industry.




And Lukas Plöchl is the son of Austrian women’s table tennis coach Liu Yan Jun, which explains the high sports and table tennis affinity of Lukas Plöchl.


Now the first single of his solo debut album to be published in April is on the market, "Du host ned des Recht".


The matching video which is already on the Internet and played up and down has been filmed to a considerable extent in the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat.


Lukas Plöchl may be admired in many sequences on table tennis table and impressively demonstrates that he would have had the talent not only for a musician but also for a table tennis player.


"As a child I trained very hard table tennis with my father and that shaped me. Since then, I know that you have to work very hard and yet keep a cool head in order to find the right ways. Therefore, it was important for me to visually include table tennis into this song about fighting for "going the own way" ", Lukas Plöchl comments his side-trip to the ping pong table.


The Werner Schlager Academy presented for Lukas Plöchl and his team the ideal environment. His music management packed a highly sociocritical issue in a breathtaking way into the surroundings of the fastest (re-) impact sport in the world. The result can be accessed at

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