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The competition between WSA-partner club SVS STRÖCK against TTC Berlin eastside in the final match-up in the European Champions League resulted in the closest of competition, with Berlin on top as thinly as can be imagined (2:3 in matches; 8:9 in games; 158:158 in points).


This duel in Berlin was fought by an international gallery of table tennis stars.  For all of points for SVS STRÖCK came from China's Fan Ying, winning the team's two points against Vice-European Champion Irene Ivancan and the Hungarian multiple European champion Georgian Pota.


Daniela Dodean (well below her potential in Berlin) and Austrian national champion Li Qiangbing (who suffered a bit of bad luck in her 1:3 match with Petra Lovas) were left empty of victories here.


Going into the final decisive second leg on Monday, 21 May (19:30 in the Werner Schlager Academy/Multiversum in the city of Schwechat) is not so bad.  This is because the win-loss ratio of the first leg – 3:2 – makes overcoming this deficit a reasonable possibility.


A high voltage big fight is guaranteed in the return trip, as this has already been sworn by the coaching duo of Liu Yan Jun and Mathias Habesohn, as they say, in unison “We will turn this thing around.”


In the 2010/2011 season (in the ETTU Cup of Champions), the SVS Ströck team was eliminated by Berlin, with a 0 – 3 first leg defeat in Berlin, followed by an Austrian 3 – 1 win in the WSA, which was not enough. This time, a 3 -1 result would be enough.


For the finals, it will be a great show.

A raffle will be drawn for a 1,000 Euro savings account at the Raiffeisen, a performance of the "Magic Acrobatics" (known from the ORF-show "The Big Chance") and a battle against youth internationals will provide viewers a worthy viewing experience. 


The ticket sales (available in the Multiversum for 5 €) are well underway.  About 400 tickets have alread been sold.

The chance to tack onto the CL trophy the WSA-affliliated SVS Ströck for the first time lives in real time. And this chance is very real . . .

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