The Women Table Tennis Community visits Schwechat


Photo: ITTF

The Women Table Tennis project of the Werner Schlager Academy causes a ripple effect.


The development of the (inter-)national WSA-Women-training-group progresses rapidly. Up to 30 players from 16 different nations practice regularly in the WSA. At the time of the official WSA-opening in January 2011 there were only 4 players from 3 different countries who stayed permanently in Schwechat.


Another pleasing fact is the WSA-partner club SVNÖ Ströck which celebrated an amazing 3:0 victory over the Spanish elite-team UCAM Cartagena on Monday and therefore started promising into the new Champions-League season 2015/16.


The latest hit: From 7th to 9th September, immediately after the Austrian Open in Wels the WSA premises will host the first European seminar for women table tennis, by request of the European Federation ETTU.


The focus: the work of female coaches.


Representatives from various countries have registered for this 3-day seminar and also high ranked officials from the World-Federation ITTF have ensured their arrival for this top-class event.


It can be categorized as top-class not only but to a big part because of the participation of Li Xiaodong, Chinas highest-ranked table tennis coach who will give a much respected lecture.


Li Xiaodong is not only a worldwide known table tennis guru, but especially in Austria he is not unfamiliar, as he is the father of ÖTTV-teamplayer Li Qiangbing.

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