The Table Tennis Championships 2015 break all records!


Approximately 450 Million People worldwide watched this years’ Table Tennis Championships in China-a fabulous new record.


In China alone 252 million people were interested in the event. The men’s single finale fascinated 40 Million spectators and therefore ranks number 4 in the most-viewed sports events in China this year. This underlines that table tennis still attracts the masses besides football and basketball.


In the rest of the world likewise more than ever was reported about the Table Tennis Championships. In Germany and Japan for example there have never been that many news-reports before.


The website of the ITTF was also used close to exhaustion. 10 million Users wanted to keep informed about the results via Live-Ticker. ITTFs own streaming platform itTV, which for the first time telecasted 8 tables at the same time (in total 440 matches), counted 1 million spectators from not less than 179 countries.


The social media channels of the ITTF (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) also gained more followers throughout the Championships.


In total 1.000 accredited press reported from the Table Tennis Championships in over 11.000 articles, so that people around the world stayed optimally informed.


Lets see if next years Championships in Kuala Lumpur can beat this fantastic spectator numbers and succeed to arouse even more table tennis enthusiasm worldwide.

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