The ITTF bosses meet in the WSA



A veritable parade of the greats of table tennis from the ITTF is taking place these days in the Werner Schlager Academy (WSA).


The World Federation, which has offices in the WSA (Yes, ITTF installed its European Office here!), is holding three meetings in Schwechat



Austria's former double European champion Karl Jindrak, in the ITTF staff since 2006, and his colleagues Raul Calin and Mohamed Dawlatly, conduct a four-day follow-up meeting for Competition Manager in the seminar room of the ITTF European office. In attendance of Judit Farago, ITTF number 2 just behind President Adham Sharara, ITTF CEO.


Under the direction of Alison Burchell, one of the leading officers of the World Federation, the meeting of the ITTF Paralympic Comittees is taking place simultaneously in the meeting room of the WSA two floors below.


And: The Development Department with Polona Cehovin, Zita PIDL and coach Dejan Papic prepares with the WSA staff the ITTF World Hopes Week (June 9 to 16), this being the second occasion for this after 2011 Kids event drew around 100 highly gifted kids and their coaches and accompanists. Again, this event will bring the world to Schwechat.


The crowning glory of the ITTF-days in the Werner Schlager Academy is the visit of World President Adham Sharara, on the 15th January; he will discuss with Werner Schlager and WSA CEO Martin Sörös the joint projects and activities for the coming months and years.

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