The guests from "Hollywood"




Friday night China's table tennis team arrived in Vienna-Schwechat for the direct preparation for the Individual World Championships in Paris-Bercy (from 13 May).




A plane full of (13) Olympic and World Champions. The entire delegation includes 38 people. To 10 May international stars such as Zhang Jike, Ma Long, Xu Xin, Wang Hao, Wang Liqin Ding Ding, Li Xiaoxia, Liu Shiwen, Guo Yue and colleagues are working for getting in shape for the World Championships under the guidance of head coaches Liu Guoliang and Kong Linghui (as players both of them were World Champions, Olympic Champions and world number ones) in the Werner Schlager Academy.

Training camp has started Saturday morning at the fitness center on the 2nd floor, followed by about 2:45 hour-long units each on the ping pong table. Despite the approaching World Championships yet it is trained with full force. It is not uncommon that one or the other player collapses in the "Multiball" training.

Per day, the players are more than five hours at the plate, always followed by a unit in the gym.

Tuesday is the big media day on occasion of the training of the players from "Table Tennis Hollywood": In addition to the ORF, the Chinese television and the sports channel from France have also announced (with Star commentator Jean-Philippe Gatien) their coming.

The table tennis community looks so for the third time to the WSA. 2011 (before the World Championships in Rotterdam) and 2012 (before the World Team Championships in Dortmund) the stars from China also were guests at the Werner Schlager Academy. Thereafter, in order to win everything that there was to win. . .

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