Tetyana against the rest of the world. . .



In September a great task is waiting on the new star player of SVS STRÖCK Tetyana Bilenko.

The Ukrainian was nominated by the ITTF for the "STARTS 2013 Women's World Cup" in Kobe, Japan. Bilenko has secured her ticket for the lucrative and prestigious tournament of the world best players through her sensational entering round of sixteen at the World Cup in Paris-Bercy in May.

The defensive artist, who will compete for the first time in the dress of SVS STRÖCK at the ÖTTV Bundesliga Opening in Linz (August 31 / September 1), is by the way the only European born woman in Kobe. Except for her are only players from Asia and naturalized athletes from China in the starting field.

The tournament favorites are the Chinese individual and team Olympic champion Li Xiaoxia and her teammate Liu Shiwen.

The participants:

Li Xiaoxia, Liu Shiwen (both China), Hang Xing (Congo Brazzaville), Wu Xue (Dominican Republic), Lily Zhang, Ariel Hsing (both USA), Miao Miao (Australia), Kasumi Ishikawa (Japan), Hajung Seok (South Korea ), Jiang Huajun (Hong Kong), Feng Tianwei (Singapore), Hajeun Yang (South Korea), Yu Mengyu (Singapore), Li Chunli (New Zealand), Yadira Silva (Mexico), Liu Jia (Austria), Hu Melek (Turkey) Shen Yanfei (Spain), Ai Fukuhara (Japan), Tetyana Bilenko (Ukraine / SVS STRÖCK)

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