Team silver for Daniela Dodean



Part I of the LIEBHERR European Championships is complete. The title in the team competition in both the men's and the women's went to Germany.


From the Werner Schlager Academy perspective, there also already first success stories can be reported:


Daniela Dodean ( SVS STRÖCK ) reached silver with the Romanian team.


In the final against Germany Dodean succeed for the first time against her most feared opponent Kristin Silbereisen and brought Germany's defending artist Han Ying (2:3) in a sensational match to the brink of defeat.

Also in the men's a WSA player could cheer on a medal. Alexander Shibaev secured bronze with Russia.


Austria achieved the places 7 (ladies) and 9 (men) in the team competition.

Many WSA players showed excellent performance in the team competition: Li Fen ( SVS STRÖCK ) advanced with Sweden to the first class, Stanislav Golovanov (Bulgaria ) defeated Denmark's exceptional player Michael Maze and the Italian Mihai Bobocica led his team into the top league, too . . .

You will find all the results here:

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