SVS STRÖCK is back as State Champion


Foto K. Bartuschek


This was the last major motivation before the assured Champion League's thriller on Monday against TTC Berlin Eastside (19.30 clock, Werner Schlager Academy / Mulversum Schwechat).


In Austria's final tournament in Baden, SVS STRÖCK successfully defended the tittle against the challenger, Linz Froschberg.




As with other times, it was a nerve-racking thriller.In the end, it finished at 3 – 3 after 6 matches. SVS STRÖCK won in the tie-breaker ratio of 13:11 in games.


Again it was one of China's exceptional players, Fan Ying, that was the difference here.She won both her singles matches against Liu Jia and Sofia Polcanova 3 – 0 and was the dominant force in the doubles with Daniela Dodean against Iveta Vacenovska and Liu Jia (3 – 2).


This is a huge push-up for Monday's contest.  Against the giants from Berlin, SVS STRÖCK is down 2 – 3 in matches and 8 – 9 in games from the first leg of 14 days ago in Germany.


By Wednesday, already 933 tickets for the final have been sold.  It is a duel of equals, a duel of bending and breaking, that will last four tense hours.


It is hoped this Monday will become the next happy day for SVS STRÖCK.


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