SVS STRÖCK Star Daniela Dodean has restarted training



Good news from the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat: Double European Champion Daniela Dodean, since the summer of 2010 at home in Schwechat and star player of WSA Partners Club SVS STRÖCK has, Friday for the first time after her severe knee surgery, contested table tennis training.


Dodean had a surgery on the meniscus on 5 December 2012. In case of non-surgical intervention or a surgery at a later date her career would have been on the brink.

Immediately after the surgery Dodean started with fitness training under the guidance of the WSA-team coach to first get back in shape her knees and her body.

Friday at 14 clock followed the first session in the WSA, after about three months' pause: "I'm really happy that I can play again. It is good to know that the surgery was successful. Now I only look forward. "

When Daniela Dodean will again contest competition is open.

Next big goal is the EC (October 4 to 13) in the Werner Schlager Academy; so on her doorsteps. . . 

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