SVS STRÖCK reaches for the final ticket




This was as exciting as it gets!  More than three hours of table tennis at the highest level resulted in a 3:2 team victory for the Austrian women's table tennis champion SVS STRÖCK in the first Champions League semi-final match with archrival Linz AG Froschberg.




SVS STRÖCK's exceptional player Fan Ying (from the Chinese National Team squad) and single and doubles Austrian national champion Li Qiangbing contributed victories in the overcrowded sport's park Lissfeld venue, completing the mission.

With the return leg scheduled for 24 February, this success gives this Champions League rookie team of Niederösterreich all the possibilities for the final.  But there is still a lot of hard work ahead.

However, though the SVS-men's team has lost the quarter-final first leg in Saarbrücken 1:3, head coach Richard Prause has high hopes for the 24 February return contest.

The 24th of February offers the table tennis fan a unique opportunity with a Champions League double: matches from two legs, one from the women, one from the men, back-to-back.
5.15 p.m: SVS STRÖCK - Linz AG Froschberg
8.15 p.m: SVS Niederösterreich - Saarbrücken
More information and details about the event will be forthcoming in the ensuing days. With the excitement in advance of the event, this evening has far more to offer than just world-class table tennis. . .

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