SVNÖ STRÖCK - 3:0 victory over Cartagena


Ekholm Cheering
Photo: WSA

The situation was not that promising in the beginning. In the first round of the current Champions League season 2015/2016 our team, SVNÖ STRÖCK, could not deploy the new Japanese star player Sayaka Hirano (due to a shoulder injury). And the opponent, UCAM Cartagena, was a very hard one in the first match of group B.


But for the young STRÖCK team these facts did not count: Our partner club fought courageously and celebrated a never expected 3-0 victory over the Spanish team. Each player, Tetyana Bilenko, Matilda Ekholm and Lea Rakovac, could win one point for the team.


Thereby the team made a big step forward to reaching the quarter finals. The plan is to make this next step in the upcoming match against the Hungarian champion Szekszard on October 9th. A hard task for STRÖCK as Li Fen, the reigning European champion, is a member of the Hungarian team and will surely challenge the whole team.


The current Champions League season 2015/2016 is for sure the most balanced and strongest since the founding of the elite competition. Ten out of the twelve nominated teams have the possibility to win the title in the end. Equally all teams have to fear that they do not survive the group stage. Both ways count as well for SVNÖ STRÖCK.

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