Rush of the stars on the WSA



Only 19 days remain until the start of the World Team Championships in Dortmund, Germany. And in these 19 days, the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat will be bursting at the seams!


Up to 100 players from 22 nations will be preparing for these Championships from now until the tournament begins.



Countries such as Japan, India, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Croatia, and Denmark will realize the benefits of this famous top-ranked training center.


Topping it all off will be the arrival of the stars from the “ping-pong-Hollywood” China on March 16th. For the second time since the Spring of 2011 (the time before the Individual World Championships in Rotterdam), China will send its stars to the WSA.The list of aces from the Far East reads like a who's who of international table tennis:


Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Wang Hao, Xu Xin (number 1 to number 4 of the current world ranking), among others, including the Olympic gold medalist Ma Lin and Wang Liqin.

On the women's side, with singles world champion Ding Ning, with Liu Shiwen, Guo Yan and Li Xiaoxia the numbers one to four in the world rankings will train at the WSA as well. Complementing this group are Fan Ying (SVS STRÖCK) and Wu Yang, the two best defensive players in the world.


The WSA is at the forefront of the stage for World Championship's preparation, and it is being pushed to its utilization limits. With so much going on in the week preceding the tournament, the typical 30 table setup in the training hall will no longer be sufficient. The adjoining Multiversum event hall will also be used, adding another 15 tables to the capacity.


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