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Photo: F. Welles

9 Competitions, 25 Tables, 100 Players, 185 Entries


That is the result of the Riha Open 2015. From WSA’s point of view the tournament is a big success. In the early morning (9 a.m.) the first table tennis enthusiasts started in the tournament which lasts until 8 p.m. and finished with the open single competition.


The traditional Viennese club ASKÖ Komperdell was the club with most participating players in the tournament. All in all they had 12 participants. Like in the last tournament the competition until 1500 points had the most entries, closely followed by the newly introduced competition until 950 points.


In the open singles competition the winner was the same like last time. At the 10th Club WSA “Fassl”-Tournament he won against Daniel Lung. This time his opponent was Martin Guman. But Alex Chen, the two times winner in a row could, not be beaten and reaches the number one place again.


The doubles until 2000 points was dominated by ASKÖ Komperdell. They entered the competition with 3 doubles which were all on the podium in the end.


This time the organizers used the whole WSA sports hall for the tournament and provided almost professional-like circumstances on the 25 tables.


Also the participant’s feedback was very positive.


“I think we can be very happy with this tournament. We only had some small delays in the beginning but then the complete tournament ran very fluent. The Werner Schlager Academy saw very thrilling and high-class matches during the whole day. It is great that we reached the 100 player border with this tournament. We will use this result as a basis and hope for even more players in the next tournaments”, was the positive conclusion of Fabian Becker, tournament organizer.


The next WSA tournament will take place on April, 26th 2015.



Singles 750:

  1. Günter Stutzenberger
  2. Guri Gashi (Polizei SV Wien)
  3. Sebastian Wöhrer (Polizei SV Wien)

Singles 950:

  1. Wolfgang Smejkal (TTC Wohnpark Alt-Erlaa)
  2. Musa Ipekci (ASKÖ Komperdell)
  3. Wolfgang Zottel (UTTC Hadersdorf)

Singles  1150:

  1. Julia Suppnig (VST Völkermarkt)
  3. Felix Palme (TTC Atus Langenenzersdorf)

Singles 1550:

  1. Martin Jankowitsch (TTK Eden)
  2. Joachim Davy (Lehrersportverein)
  3. Richard Tekula (RUSPI)

Singles 1750:

  1. Gerald Korseska (TTC Flötzersteig)
  2. Bernhard Niemetz (VST Völkermarkt)
  3. Thomas Rauscher (ASKÖ Komperdell)

Singles 2050:

  1. Philip Merz (Rapid Luzern)
  2. Ying Le Qi (TTV Wr. Neudorf)
  3. Gerald Korseska (TTC Flötzersteig)

Singles Open:

  1. Alexander Chen
  2. Martin Guman
  3. Andreas Levenko (UTTC Sparkasse Salzburg)

Doubles 2000:

  1. Andy Garcia Barbon & Musa Ipekci (beide ASKÖ Komperdell)
  2. David Kerculj & Alois Kiendlhofer (beide ASKÖ Komperdell)
  3. Michael Hofmann & Alfred Riha (beide ASKÖ Komperdell)

Doubles 3000:

  1. Bernhard Niemetz & Julia Suppnig (beide VST Völkermarkt)
  2. Benjamin Farkas & Ezekiel Farkas (beide HUN)
  3. Bernd Öhler & Guido Wögerer (Union Sparkasse Korneuburg / TTC Oldies)

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