Richard Prause headed ITTF Course



Coaches of the Werner Schlager Academy remain highly sought after.

WSA head coach Richard Prause initiated in recent days a top class junior course of the ITTF in Guam.



Prause, who works at the WSA since the summer of 2010 and lives in Schwechat, is asked again and again by numerous nations, clubs, ITTF and ETTU to pass on  his wide experience and his extensive knowledge to  young players.

Among others the 15-year-SVS STRÖCK player Tamolwan Khetkuen who permanently lives in Schwechat and daily trains in the WSA took part in the course in Guam (and the following tournament).

Other outstanding young players in Guam were Andreea Clapa (Romania), Mima Ito (Japan), He Zhuojia (China) and Brian Afanador, (PUR), Tomas Polansky (TCH) or Song Xu (China).

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