Review about the WSA Table Tennis School from UK


Tom Lodziak
Photo: Expert TT

The WSA Table Tennis School is an international table tennis school for hobby and club players who like to improve their playing skills in a high-standard training. Tom Lodziak, coach and player from Cambridge, UK, visited us in May and reported in an interview about this experience.


From the very beginning the Werner Schlager Academy was supposed to be an international training base for top players and promising players from all over the world. Introducing the WSA Table Tennis School we have made another step forward in becoming an international training center, not only for top players but also for players of every level who enjoy playing table tennis and would like to improve.


Tom Lodziak, who is a coach and player based in Cambridge, has visited our service and return course in May 2015 and now he has reported about his experience. In the blog "Expert Table Tennis" operated by Ben Larcombe he was interviewed by Ben and have some insights in the world of the WSA Table Tennis School and the courses that we offfer.


The full interview can be found at: Expert Table Tennis #23: Tom Lodziak: Training at the Werner Schlager Academy (beginning at 13:00 min. about WSA)

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