Restarting SVS Ströck



The 2011/2012 season for WSA-partner association SVS Ströck is now history.  As was true in the previous year, this second year from the founding of the club, the team won the Austrian Championships (after a final round victory over Linz Froschberg.)



Other accomplishments include a second place finish in the European Championship.  The final against TTC Berlin Eastside ended after two legs at 5:5 (2:3 / 3:2), with the better game ratio of 19:18 being the deciding factor for Berlin.


Though unhappy about this short-term disappointment, the team is now focused on the future.  In the 2012/2013 season, a strong team will be in the race.  By mid-June, the club will again provide strong players to perform in the European Association (ETTU). Only so much can be revealed today: SVS Ströck will present a few surprises.  And another big player in Europe will be . . .

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