ORF and Laola1tv covers CL-double





Ticket sales for the unique Champions League double event on Friday,

24 February, in the Multiversum event hall of the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat are outstanding.






At 17:15, the WSA-partner team SVS STRÖCK will duel with Austrian women's Linz AG Froschberg, who SVS defeated in the first leg in an away match 3:2.

The winner of this last leg between the two teams in this prestigious contest will reach the CL final and will probably have as their next opponent eastside Berlin.


At 20:15, Austria's SVS Niederösterreich will contend in the men's division against Saarbrücken, with the challenge of overcoming a 1:3 loss in the first leg of the competition.

The winner will advance to the semifinals.


For all of those who may not be able to experience the excitement in Schwechat, the games will be broadcast either on ORF Sport + or via Laola1tv (http://ettu.laola1.tv).

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