One year amateur sports in the WSA


With the opening tournament on 16 January 2011 the amateur sports project of the Club WSA started. At this tournament 120 players from several provinces and foreign countries were represented.

Was it at the beginning, of course, pure curiosity, which drove many players in the WSA, this branch has now become a fixed part of the overall construct WSA.

There were four tournaments held where a total of 450 players from 12 nations attended. The highlight was in June, when 132 participants came. With the mode of the preliminary round groups, a high number of actives could be won, because in every competition at least three single matches have to be played.

The motto is: The more competition, the more quickly and better development of each player.

The WSA Training Club was first introduced in April. Players of any playing ability have the opportunity to improve their skills in group training under the guidance of a trainer. About 30 people took the chance. During the promotion period, training was 3 times per week, after the start of the autumn season (early September) it had to be limited to once per week.

The table tennis school first opened its doors in February, offering 20 courses, where a total number of approximately 200 participants were reached. Always popular, the weekend camps, where up to 24 players participated. Training partners in sufficient quantity and of all levels are provided.

But also for big clubs appropriate arrangements were offered. So we welcomed the beginning of September ASKÖ Dietach Honda with 19 people who found optimal training conditions.

Advance reservations are made already into September and this development speaks for itself.

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