Next transfer coup of SVS STRÖCK




Champions League semi-finalist SVS STRÖCK may report the next sensational coup after the new additions of Li Fen (Sweden) and Petra Lovas (Hungary).





Starting next season, Tetyana Bilenko will strengthen the Austrian team champion of 2011 and 2012.


Tetyana Bilenko, last employed in the Russian professional league in Evromost Krasnodar, was THE sensation at the recent World Championships in Paris.

As the final native European, she failed only in the round of last sixteen at the world ranking fourth Feng Tianwei, but she played a great match.

Tetyana Bilenko is 29 years young and one of the best defensive players in the world. Most recently, she was so well placed in the world ranking (55) like never before.

The complete rebuild of SVS STRÖCK, to which the European top club was forced by the bad luck and injury series last season, has thus reached a new peak.

As of today Daniela Dodean (Romania), Li Fen (Sweden), Petra Lovas (Hungary), Tatiana Bilenko (Ukraine), Valerie Tischler and Jessica Zlatilova (both Austria) are forming the team squad.

Friday, the rebuilding of the team is completed.

SVS STRÖCK will compete in the upcoming season in the Champions League and in the Austrian team championships.

Whether the team (after a year's break) also returns back to the transnational Super League, the team management will decide within the next days in consultation with head coach Aya Umemura.

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