New World Rankings


Tamolwan Khetkuen

Big improve by the WSA players in the World Rankings:


Many of the players of our international training group made a big step forward in the World Rankings that were published immediately after the World Championships.




Tetyana Bilenko (Ukraine) jumped 18 places to position 45 due to her entering of the round of sixteen and especially her victory against the japanese Ai Fukuhara, the worlds number 8. This is her absolute career record so far.


Matilda Ekholm (Sweden) also advanced to the round of sixteen and is rewarded for this performance with an improvement from position 76 to 61.


Lea Rakovac (Croatia) improved from 112 to 103 and Tamolwan Khetkuen (Thailand) from 121 to 114.

Khetkuen also jumped from position 13 to 7 in the Under-18-World Ranking.


All of these players are also part of the team of Austrias reigning womens-team-champion SVNÖ STRÖCK.


Sarah de Nutte (Luxembourg) improved from 139 to 134 and Rahel Aschwanden (Swizerland) is now on position 218 (instead of 232).



Lubomir Jancarik (Czech) improved the most in the current World Ranking. Due to his victory against the Number 58 Bojan Tokic, he went from 145 to 131.


Stefan Fegerl (Austria) also managed to enhance his ranking after playing in the round of the last 32. He is now number 49.


Chen Weixing (Austria), who had to abandon the field against the number 15 Gao Ning, improved by 12 places and is now 57th.


Alexander Shibaev (Russia) advanced to position 46 due to his wins against Ghosh and Sereda.


Joao Monteiro (Portugal), who only lost after 7 sets against Timo Boll and therefore had to abandon his dream of playing in the round of sixteen, is now 30th.


Daniel Habesohn (Austria) who already in the second round faced the strong korean Joo Saehyuk and lost, made a small step forward. He is now ranked 65 instead of 67.


Tomas Konecny (Czech) by one position and is now 98th.


Mihai Bobocica (Italy), defeated in the second round by Tang Peng, who later also won against Stefan Fegerl, can be found as number 69.


Only two WSA-players (the ones who are best ranked), made a small step back.


Marcos Freitas (Portugal) the former number 8 of the world, lost already in the round of the last 32 against Patrick Franziska who then advanced even to the quarter-finals. Due to that fact, he went back 2 places and is now 10th.


Robert Gardos faced his teammate Stefan Fegerl in round two. He lost the match and therefore declined in the ranking. With rank 23 he is nevertheless in an excellent position.



All World Rankings can be found here



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