Large WSA contingent in Wels


Foto K. Bartuschek


At the Austrian Open, which take place this year (starting on Wednesday) in Wels, the WSA again is represented with a large contingent:

Living in Schwechat players Andrea Todorovic, Britt Eerland, Klaudia Kusinka and Nicole Galitschitsch will be there just as SVS Ströck-star player Yuki Nonaka from Japan.

Injured or ill had to cancel the SVS Ströck aces Daniela Dodean (knee surgery) and Li Qiangbing (virus).

Right in the center, among others are the Schwechat residents Joao Monteiro, Marcos Freitas, Mihai Bobocica, as well as the entire Austrian national team.

From the trainers and coaching staff, the head coaches Dirk Wagner and Richard Prause and the star trainers Tamara Boros and Aya Umemura travel to Upper Austria.

The qualification in the Rotax Arena will start on Wednesday, the main competition on Friday.

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