It was the week of the Euro-Stars


Photo K. Bartuschek

World and European champions; everywhere you looked, they were there.


From Jorgen Persson to Zoran Primorac, Vladimir Samsonov to Werner Schlager, Adrien Mattenet, Bojan Tokic and Michael Maze to the Russian national team, the WSA was packed with the legends and the greats of the sport. 


Europe’s table tennis elite gathered at the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat to prepare in a concentrated form for the Summer Olympic Games in London.


Under the direction and coordination of head coach Richard Prause, the WSA conducted two-a-day training sessions, supplemented with the in-house workouts in the multi-purpose gym facility.


A few meters away in the event hall, the women were in charge.   Germany's top players Wu Jiaduo, Irene Ivancan, Kristin Silbereisen, Romania's top players Daniela Dodean and Elisabetha Samara, Denmark's Mie Skov, Belarus top defender Viktoria Pavlovich and the full national teams of the Czech Republic and France, and Austria in full force with Liu Jia, Li Qiangbing, Sofia Polcanova and Amelie Solja getting into their London form.

The tenor was unanimous: A great opportunity for Europe's best to work together on their future.   This shall not be the last summit in the WSA for the Euros.


The results of the final tournament on 6./7. July you find here:

Results Olympic Preparation Tournament

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