Huge step from Lily Zhang


Photo: ITTF

Some of the players from the (inter-) national training-group of the Werner Schlager Academy made an enormous improve in the recent World Ranking.


The (international) figurehead Marcos Freitas- the Portuguese is living in Schwechat since 2 years now-made it to the 8th place due to his silver medal at the European Championships in Jekaterinburg.


The European Team-Champion Robert Gardos stayed number 26 and therefore is the best ÖTTV-player. Daniel Habesohn made a big step and is now on 54th place.



The improvement of the female WSA-players is even more remarkable.


The new entrant of the WSA Lily Zhang, from WSA-partner-club SVNÖ Ströck, climbed 20 places and now can be found as number 97. She is therefore the number 1 of her continent.


The young Croatian Lea Rakovac, club-colleague of Lily Zhang at SVNÖ Ströck jumped from 136 to 121 and the Luxembourger Sarah de Nutte who lives in Schwechat since 2 years and plays in  the german league improved from place 169 to 142.



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