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Photo K. Bartuschek


Austria's women's table tennis champions SVS STRÖCK, about a week ago, came up big in a thriller against Linz AG Froschberg and advanced to the finals of the European Champions League. At the contest in May (exact match dates not yet fixed) against the Star Ensemble TTC eastside Berlin, they will take the chance to create even more opportunity for offspring.





The club management has therefore decided to immediately enter into the cross-boarder Super League the ÖTTV junior Nicole Galitschitsch and Valerie Tischler. Both players have excelled in recent months due to their extreme hard work and training in the top notch training environment of the Werner Schlager Academy, showing great athletic development.


Now it is time for them to be rewarded.


Even in the semifinals of the Super League (an achievement attained by the star players Li Qiangbing, Daniela Dodean, and Fan Yin), the team will rely on the young wave of Ms. Galitschitsch and Ms. Tischler. Against Czech Republic's top team in Hodonin on an away date of 6 March, and at home on 13 March, these young upstarts will be employed.


Also in the case of a league final (against Budaörsi or Linz), the Austrian champions will go the way of youth. “This is a great opportunity for our young players. We consider it our duty, to do something for the following generation.” said SVS STRÖCK assistant coach Mathias Habesohn.

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