Giant leap of Li Fen




Latest rankings of the world federation ITTF are showing due to the European Championships at the Werner Schlager Academy and the Men's World Cup numerous major changes.




Not surprising that THE climber at the women’s is the newly Swedish Single European champion Li Fen of SVS STRÖCK. Li Fen, since August (most of the time) living in Schwechat and training at the Werner Schlager Academy, who did also her entire EC preparation here, made​​ a giant leap of 56 (!) ranks from 88 to number 32 in the ITTF ranking.


With the Romanian Daniela Dodean a second WSA player in the service of SVS STRÖCK has also improved in the world rankings. She went up two places to the top: Number 41


Impressive as well are the improvements of some of the male players of the WSA-training group: the Portuguese Marcos Freitas climbed due to his World Cup quarter-finals from 25 to 22, the Russian Alexander Shibaev improved from 58 to 53 and the Italian Mihai Bobocica from

97 to 83.


Pleasing from an Austrian perspective: European Championships quarter- finalist Stefan Fegerl climbed from 86 to 70


Complete ITTF rankings you may find here


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