WSA-partner association STRÖCK SVS has realized its dream by reaching the final. In an incredible Champions League semi-final thriller against Linz AG Froschberg in Schwechat the arch rival was defeated 3-2.



It was a match on a knife edge. SVS STRÖCK-top player Fan Ying was 1:2 behind the unleashed playing Iveta Vacenovska and lay back with 0:2 sets and 3:5 before she finally could turn the match.


The other scores ensured Fan Ying (3:0 against Camelia Postoaca) and Daniela Dodean (3:0 against Postoaca).

Final opponent is now the German top team eastside Berlin. The away game will take place on 4 May in Berlin. The exact date for the (decisive for the title) return match is not fixed yet. Once negotiations with the ORF and the opposing German team are completed, we will announce the date.

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