Fighting for the Salzburg Bull


Christian Scheiber
Photo: Scheiber

On Saturday, May 23 2015 the seventh Salzburg Open took place on the Olympic Centre Rif/Hallein. All in all 24 players - invited by the Salzburg club for sports for the disabled – participated in the tournament. Christian Scheiber represented the Burgenland organisation for the sports for disabled for the second time at the Salzburg Open.


Due to the number of players the organizers decided to play only in 2 classes (one class for wheelchair players, one class for standing players). Usually the wheelchair players and the standing players each have 5 sub classes dividing the players into different levels of disability.


Christian Scheiber practicing 4 times per week at the Werner Schlager Academy had among others the Upper Austrian player Michael Lewerenz in group qualification group. Lewerenz is ranked 2 classes higher than Christian, which means he has a lower disability. Christian was able to win all group matches, also against Lewerenz with a close 3:2, and proceed to the final group where he had another 3 games.


The matches in the final group were closer and at the end 3 players had a 2:1 matches result. Therefore the games ratio decided who would be the winner of the 7. Salzburg Open. Because he won most games and lost less than the others Christian Scheiber was announced as the winner and was presented with the Salzburg Bull.


Also in the doubles Scheiber was successful with his partner Patrick Hahn and reached a good third place.


“I am very happy that I could win the tournament and had a good preparation for the national championships in June. There I would like to defend my title and bring it again to the Burgenland”, said the reigning national champion Scheiber in an interview.


Winning a Salzburg Bull is a big push for his motivation and a good initial situation in preparing for the national championships in Linz on June 13, 2015.

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