Fegerl first time Top 100



Some great improvements for the players of the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat brought the newly published March World Ranking list of the ITTF.

Outstanding here the fact that the Austrian team player Stefan Fegerl the first time in his career made ​​the leap into the top 100.



He improved on the previous month by 28 ranks and is now the number 88 in the world.

Since the official opening of the Werner Schlager Academy in January 2011 Stefan Fegerl marched from number 152 to rank 88.


Further improvements of the national and international WSA players:

Doubles European champion Daniel Habesohn jumped from 96 to 81, his doubles partner Robert Gardos, who lives with his family in Schwechat, from 42 to 34.

Portugal's number 1 Marcos Freitas, for about a year at home in Schwechat, went from 25 to 22, Italy's number one Mihai Bobocica from 94 to 84.

On the way up also the Japanese SVS STRÖCK-player Yuki Nonaka (from 80 to 72).

The complete world rankings can be found here:


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