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For the ladies, on Monday, 21 May at 19:30 in the Werner Schlager Academy (Multiversum in Schwechat) the title for the European Champions League will be decided.


Europe's best women's table tennis club teams will face each other in the second and decisive final leg.






After the 4 May first leg of competition in Berlin, the intrigue is like a murder mystery to be solved. Berlin won 3:2 (9:8 in games) and this leaves SVS STRÖCK with the justification for a delicate optimism. But it is damn hard . . .


It is the eternally youthful duel: Austria vs. Germany, this time represented by the champions of Austria (SVS STRÖCK) and Germany (TTC Berlin eastside), the duel of the giants.


It is a contest that will cast a spell over all involved.

Advance ticket sales only started a few days ago and today already more than 400 tickets (price: 5 €) have been sold.  This much is clear about the evening: in addition to world-class table tennis, the audience will have the opportunity to participate in a raffle (with prizes such as a 1,000-euro savings account from Raiffeisen and travel vouchers from the province of Niederösterreich), a performance of the "Magic Acrobatics" (known from the ORF-show "Big Chance") and a opportunity to win in a duel with Austria's most unique young table tennis stars.

The finale is a record for another reason, as guests and fans from 16 countries will be sitting in the hall.

So far, fan groups from Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and, of course, Austria have announced their visitations. To be sitting in the audience include representatives from China, Japan, Romania, Croatia, Portugal, Latvia, India, Italy, Serbia, North Korea and Ukraine.

Images and broadcasts will be presented by the ORF (live on ORF Sport Plus), Laola TV (Live), SW 1, and a regional channel from Germany.

It is very nice to know this: women's table tennis rocks into the Future. Who would have thought this possible two years ago. Until the founding of the association of SVS STRÖCK. . .

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