Europe's Elite in the WSA


The Summer Olympic Games in London (July 27-August 12) are the absolute highlight of the sporting year 2012.


Numerous WSA-trained  players and players of the partner organizations SVS Niederösterreich (men) and SVS STRÖCK (women) who qualified for the Games:

Werner Schlager, Chen Weixing, Robert Gardos, Li Qiangbing (Austria), Daniela Dodean (SVS STRÖCK / Romania), Huang Yi Hua (SVS STRÖCK / Taiwan), Mihai Bobocica (Italy), William Henzell (Australia), Matiss Burgis (Latvia ), Joao Monteiro (Portugal).


Now the preparations for the games are in full swing at the Werner Schlager Academy as many of the top stars are on the scene, making the Academy an important stopover on the way to London.


A special occasion will be held in Schwechat between 1 – 7 July, for the top European nations. In addition to Austria's entire elite, a swarm of aces like Timo Boll, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Patrick Baum, Bastian Steger, Vladimir Samsonov, Michael Maze, Zoran Primorac, Adrien Mattenet and Alexei Smirnov will be in the WSA Hall.


A gallery of European women stars will also benefit from the WSA:

Germany's team with Wu Jiaduo, Kristin Silbereisen and Irene Ivancan, Romania Daniela Dodean and Elisabetha Samara, White Russia world-class defender Viktoria Pavlovich, Sara Ramirez (Spain) and Mie Skov (Denmark).

Due to the large march of the top players from all over Europe under the WSA roof, once again the Multiversum will be blown up. This will be done in early July, as table tennis work will again be found in two halls (WSA training hall and Event hall).

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