European youth on approach to the WSA




In exactly one month is the start: The European Youth Championships in the Werner Schlager Academy

(13 – 22 July), prepared to break all records.





40 boys’ teams, 38 girls’ teams, 40 boys’ student teams, and 37 girls’ student teams will be at the gates of Vienna competing for gold, silver, bronze, and other places in the team competitions.  Following the team competitions are the individual events (singles, doubles, and mixed doubles).


The top contenders for the precious medals come (like almost every year at these Championships) from France, Romania, Germany, Sweden, and Hungary.


Austria is also in the hunt, getting better and better (and especially since the opening of the Werner Schlager Academy in the late fall of 2010.)


Kids like Andrej Levenko, Karoline Mischek, Simon Pfeffer, Nicole Galitschitsch and Stefan Leitgeb are all fully capable of taking the next big steps.


Voltage is guaranteed in every possible case.

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