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Friday the 13th is coming up, but do not worry.  There is no calamity approaching.  Quite the contrary: The STRÖCK Youth Championship is coming up.




The Werner Schlager Academy and the Multiversum are ready, the flooring is installed, the tables are set, the cables are laid, and thousands of balls are waiting to be struck.


Gold, silver, and bronze – that is what Europe’s best young desire.  Emotions, as they are only lived at this level of intensity with these young people.


 The stars of the show should be – and seem almost always are on these occasions of the European Junior Championships – from Germany, France, Romania, Russia ……..and Austria?


In fact, Austria’s best young players have reduced significantly the gap with Europe’s best kids since the opening of the WSA in Schwechat in 2011.  But will it be enough to be allowed to dream of medals?  We will see.


Up to 2,000 guests from all over Europe are expected at the STRÖCK Youth Championships in Schwechat and will make this airport city, which has itself been give the code name “Gateway to the World,” a madhouse.  And: A house of joy.


Werner Schlager Academy and the Austrian Table Tennis Association warmly invite all the participants.  


The celebration of the youth can now begin.




detailed information on the STRÖCK-European Youth Championships you find here: > EYC Website

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