Emotions and honored guests


60 children from 35 countries, the entire squad of the coaches of the Werner Schlager Academy with Mario Amizic, Richard Prause, Dirk Wagner, Tamara Boros, Aya Umemura, Dmitry Levenko, Mathias Habesohn and Provas Mondal.

In the middle Werner Schlager and foreign star coaches like Hungary's Women's head coach Peter Teglas.

From China with Li Xiaodong one of the highest ranking and experienced trainers came to impart his knowledge to the kids and the coaches.

Big emotions, unbridled dedication and all that in fantastic cooperation with the officials of ITTF - that was the ITTF World Hopes Week in the WSA.

The training week of the stars of tomorrow was crowned with a final tournament and the visit of ITTF President Adham Sharara and ITTF CEO Judit Farago.

Once again ITTF and WSA have worked together in an impressive manner.

In the future ITTF and WSA will move even closer together and start a number of joint projects.

About that Schwechat’s Vice Mayor Gerhard Frauenberger and the municipal councilors Luke Szikora (ÖVP) and Peter Pinka (Grüne) could assure themselves in personal conversations during the Hopes Week.

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