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On the occasion of the Table Tennis World Team Championships in Dortmund, the leading officials of the European Association ETTU with President Stefano Bosi and CFO Gonderdinger and the Austrian OC-Chiefs of the Youth Championships in the Werner Schlager Academy and the Multiversum Schwechat Rudolf Sporrer (ÖTTV) and Martin Sörös (WSA) signed the cooperation agreements.

It seems likely that the European Youth Championships (13 - 22 July) will break all previous records in Schwechat - more participants than ever before, more nations than ever.

For the organizing team and the town of Schwechat (where the hotels are to be booked completely during the tournament), this event is a huge challenge. 1100 and 1200 athletes, coaches, officials and employees must be accredited, fed, housed and cared for.

The event will be topped one year later: with the European Championships of the general class (4 - 13 October 2013).

Schwechat therefore will be the EC-City for two years.

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