EC 2013: 1 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze medals for WSA-players



The European Table Tennis Championships at the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat are history. A success story, if you take the feedback from the participating nations and the highest officials of the European Federation as a benchmark.

The Werner Schlager Academy has not only been - together with the Austrian Table Tennis Association - successful as organizer. Also, it was excellent athletic performance from the perspective of the WSA.




Li Fen (Sweden), the new star player of WSA Partner Club SVS STRÖCK won gold in women's singles. Only in August the player of the German National League moved to Austria, where she now is living (most of the time) in Schwechat, daily training at the Werner Schlager Academy and so enriching the international women's training group of the WSA. Li Fen disenchanted on her way to gold not only Austria's number 1 (Liu Jia) and Europe's Number 1 (Shen Yanfei /Spain), but in a high class and exciting final, Germany's number 1 Shan Xiaona. The final was a true sports tidbit that will be repeated in the WSA soon. At the Champions League hit between SVS STRÖCK and TTC Berlin Eastside, where Shan Xiaona is the number one of the team, they will meet again for the big showdown of the two best players on the continent (25 October 2013 / 19:00, WSA Hall).


The second place of Austria's most famous double Daniel Habesohn / Robert Gardos was further proof that the cooperation between the WSA and the ÖTTV works great . The daily work of the WSA-head coaches Richard Prause and Dirk Wagner in cooperation with ÖTTV-head Coach Jarek Kolodziezyk toughens Gardos / Habesohn as well as Stefan Fegerl, who has played a great EC and only failed in the quarter finals on Vladimir Samsonov .


Daniela Dodean, playing for SVS STRÖCK and living for more than three years in Schwechat took team silver with Romania. Daniela Dodean is a WSA player of the first hour and lives a short walk from the WSA training center.


The Portuguese Joao Monteiro, husband of Daniela Dodean and also living in Schwechat for three years, secured despite significant health problems (back injury) bronze in the men's doubles with his compatriot Tiago Apolonia .


Russian Alexander Shibaev moved in the summer of 2013 to the WSA in Schwechat. After a difficult year in 2012 (knee surgery) supported by the WSA the highly talented Russians was lead back to the top so that he could win team bronze with Team Russia.

1 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze medals - in a fictional medals record the Werner Schlager Academy would be behind Germany number two in the medal table.

Five good reasons allowing us are being a little proud. . .

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