Double triumph for Lily Zhang


Photo: ITTF

Lily Zhang, the latest gain oft he international women-training-group oft he Werner Schlager Academy and the new starlet of the WSA-partner-club SVNÖ Ströck will come to Schwechat these days with a lot of self-confidence. In Schwechat, Lily will have her permanent training-homebase in the future.


The pretty US-girl celebrated an overall victory in the just completed North American Championships in Westchester near New York.



The US-Team was lead to a 3:1 victory over Canada by Lily who contributed 2 victories.


In the Singles Event, Lily played in the final against the number 1 seeded Canadian Zhang Mo where she made up a 0:3 leeway, won 4:3 and therefore collected the title.


The whole WSA congratulates cordially and is looking forward to have Lily in the training group soon.

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