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No time to rest for the team of



The European Championships at Werner Schlager Academy were followed by an impressive 3:0 (9:0 set ratio) in the Champions League group stage (Group A) against the French top club Metz TT on Friday.





In the thrilling triple-header with Fenerbahce and TTC Berlin Eastside for reaching the semifinals there will be the first "final" on Friday 25 October (19:00, Werner Schlager Academy). A true clash of the titans with the archrival Germany, which is also dedicated to revenge.

Revenge Number 1:
With Li Fen ( SVS STRÖCK ) and Shan Xiaona (TTC Berlin) exactly those two ladies will face on each other who on Friday, the 13 October have contested the singles final of the European Championships at the WSA. Li Fen, since August (most of the time) living in Schwechat and training at the Werner Schlager Academy, on 13 October prevailed in an almost epic final over Shan Xiaona. The two have known each other inside out since their joint time in the German Bundesliga (Li Fen played for years with the German giants Saarlouis - Fraulautern ) and their performance is balanced. Shan Xiaona seeks "revenge", Li Fen wants to prevent exactly that at her home debut in the dress of SVS STRÖCK.

Revenge Number 2:
Although SVS STRÖCK has not lost a home match against the team from Berlin, in the overall score the troop from Lower Austria already failed twice (2010/2011 in ETTU Cup of Champions quarterfinals and 2012 in the CL final ) on the team from Germany. So both teams have to make something up on this very evening,

The initial situation:
Comparing women table tennis with the international football, Fenerbahce Istanbul, Berlin East Side and SVS STRÖCK – the three teams contesting in Group A - could quite be compared (playing level) with Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona. One of these three star troops will definitely fail in the first round. The first and second placed in each preliminary round group advance to the semifinals, the third-place finisher gets into (and should win) the ETTU-Cup (also comparable with the international club football). For the teams in group B (Linz, Tarnobrzeg Budaőrsi, Tyumen) after the second match day each outcome is also still possible.

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