Daniela Dodean extended her contract



In the summer of 2010 - several months before the official opening of the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat - Romania's world-class table tennis player Daniela Dodean (together with her in the Portuguese national team playing partner Joao Monteiro) was the first international star to be settled in Schwechat for further developing her table tennis career in Austria.


At the same time, the multiple European Championship medalist also signed a 2-year contract with the newly-launched Austrian top club SVS STRÖCK– a very successful partnership.  In its first year with Dodean, SVS STRÖCK won the Austrian championships and the cross-border Super League.


In the 2011/2012 SVS STRÖCK season, due to her daily work at the WSA, Dodean qualified directly to the Olympic Summer Games in London in 2012 and will complete the season before the Olympics with the Champions League final against Berlin eastside(on 4 and 21 May).


Daniela Dodean (24) has now extended her cooperation with SVS STRÖCK for two more years, and signed the contract with the WSA partner club valid up to summer of 2014.


"I'm very happy here in Schwechat. I like the people around me, the climate in our team and the Werner Schlager Academy is doing very well to my development as a player. So, I'm very glad that we have now extended our agreement! "says Dodean.

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