Collaboration with Shanghai University




The Chinese Table Tennis Association, Shanghai University and the Werner Schlager Academy are working on a collaboration for the future.




China's national table tennis team these days are preparing for the World Team Table Tennis Championships in Dortmund at the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat, as they did prior to the World Championships in Rotterdam last year.


Accompanying the world's best table tennis players are senior representatives from the Chinese Association (CTTA) and Shanghai University.


And, for good reason.


The CTTA and the Shanghai University negotiated with the representatives of the Werner Schlager Academy to conclude an impressive and comprehensive partnership, which also includes an extensive participation by the Austrian Association.

Among the features of the agreement are a regular exchange of players, coaching education, sports science projects, and joint competitions, with an on-going intense discussion of the establishment of a European training center formed in collaboration with the CTTA, Shanghai University, and the WSA – to be realized in the second half of the year, revealing the common vision as it should be.

For the WSA, the city of Schwechat, and Austria (table tennis) sports, this  would mean a further appreciation of this unique partnership.

The euphoric Werner Schlager, for which this great Academy is named, repeated the anthem of collaboration that his organization represents, saying: "An extensive cooperation with the leading table tennis nation would be, of course, a milestone in the development of the WSA and be fully in keeping our goal to establish ourselves as a European table tennis center of excellence."

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