CL - tough draw for SVS STRÖCK



Women's Table Tennis Champions League New - due to a rule change the eight best club teams on the continent are "forced" to participate in the Women’s European Champions League and the teams did not - like in the past - have the option, for what club competition they call.



The result: eight absolute top teams, all with world class players, are going into the competition, which will be finished for four of them after the first round. Eight teams - ready for the title, eight teams at eye level. An event thrilling from the first to the last rally.

That was the starting point before the draw for the Women-CL, which was held this Friday on the occasion of the European Youth Championships in Ostrava.

And SVS STRÖCK, CL semi-finalist of 2012/2013 and then stopped by an unprecedented series of injuries and bad luck has caught a really tough lot at the draw in the Czech Republic.

In Group A, they have to compete against the top favorite of the league Fenerbahce, against TTC Berlin eastside (Germany) and against Metz TT (France).
With TTC Berlin Eastside SVS STRÖCK meets the team against which they thinly failed in the 2012 CL final.
SVS STRÖCK, undoubtedly one of those teams predestinated to win the Champions League 2013/2014, has to start with the league’s Croesus Istanbul (6/9 September), where with the multiple European Champion Viktoria Pavlovich, with the Romanian World Cup finalist Elisabetha Samara, the Taiwanese team player Cheng I Ching, and the Turkish championship fifth Hu Melek four world class players are in the squad.
Further they will meet archrival TTC Berlin eastside and the French star ensemble Metz TT with the German number one Wu Jiaduo.

Club manager Martin Sörös about the draw: "This Champions League will be thrilling from the first match to the last match. I see six clubs at eye level, against three of them we have to compete in the first round. "
To the match against top favorite Fenerbahce: "The number four of Istanbul is placed in the world rankings before our number one. But it should not sound weird when I say: Yes, we do have our chance. Or let's say so. If Fenerbahce must fear a team most in the upcoming season, then I am sure we are the one."
The first goal is despite of the extremely tough draw to reach the semi-finals: "It is incompatible with the fundamental goal orientation of SVS STRÖCK to say, ok, we will fail in the first round. That just does not happen. . . "

The top 2 of the preliminary round groups will advance to the semi-finals; the club which reached the third place will play afterwards in the ETTU Cup, the last of the group is eliminated.

The preliminary round schedules:
1 Round: Fenerbahce Istanbul -  SVS STRÖCK:    6/9 September 2013
2 Round: Metz TT Frankreich -  SVS STRÖCK:      18/20 October 2013
3 Round: SVS STRÖCK - TTC Berlin eastside:       25 October 2013
4 Round: SVS STRÖCK - Fenerbahce Istanbul:     31 Oct/4 Nov 2013
5 Round: SVS STRÖCK – Metz TT Frankreich:      5/9 December 2013
6 Round: TTC Berlin eastside – SVS STRÖCK:      20 December 2013

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