China Stars for 3rd time in series in the WSA



It's official: The superstars of the Chinese table tennis team will contest preparation for the World Championships the third time in a row (after 2011 and 2012) in the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat:


2011 China's Aces dominated the title fights at the Individual Championships in Rotterdam after their training camp in the WSA as impressive as a year later the team's World Cup in Dortmund after preparing in Schwechat.
So: What was more for China's "Aliens", as again in 2013 to come to the Werner Schlager Academy?
From 3 - 10 May, China's elite squad, therefore, contests the final phase of preparation for the Individual World Championships in Paris-Bercy (from May 13) in Schwechat.

Explicit objective of the Chinese delegation for the World Championships in Paris: It may not repeat what had happened in 2003 on the same place. Then the unthinkable happened: China's men brought no gold in men's singles. That gained at that time a certain Werner Schlager, who ten years later is the host of the guests from China, with the aim to avoid a similar mishap from the perspective of China in 2013.

That means again all superstars of the scene as World Champion and Olympic Champion Zhang Jike, Olympic Champion Ma Lin, the world number one Ma Long, the world ranking second Xu Xin, World Champion Ding Ning, Olympic champion Li Xiaoxia and others more train in the WSA.

China's decision to train again before the World Championships in Schwechat, presents us with a major logistical challenge. Even before China, visitors from many countries had announced for World Championships preparations. The WSA hall - bursting at the seams - again. 

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