Another two months. . .



Yet exactly two months - then they will start.

The LIEBHERR Table Tennis Championships at the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat Multiversum (October 4 to 13) cast their shadow.




They are - this is already fixed - the largest Table Tennis Championships of all time: 50 participating nations have never been nominated before. More than 500 players, coaches, referees, doctors and members of the Organizing Committee - the Airport City near Vienna will turn into a madhouse for almost 14 days.

In keeping with the event's motto "We are Europe", the European Championships will be a cosmopolitan sports festival of joy and togetherness. Fans from more than 40 countries are expected.

For many players, the EC is a special kind of home match. According to the current qualification status more than 20 activists from the permanent (inter) national WSA training group will compete in the European Championships. Including, for example, the Romanian title holder in women's doubles Daniela Dodean (SVS STRÖCK) or the Portuguese top stars Marcos Freitas and Joao Monteiro.

EC start on 4 October with the team competition, in which Austria's men are alongside Portugal and Russia the biggest challengers of hot favorites Germany.

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