An exceptional talent strengthens SVS STRÖCK



Austria's women table tennis champion SVS STRÖCK succeeded in the transfer market with a considerable coup.


There will be an immediate effect on the finalists of the European Champions League with the addition of 15-year-old Tamolwan Khetkuen.



To the general public, she is (yet) little known, but plenty of the table tennis insiders know of her importance on the world scene.


The young lady from Thailand is number 8 in the world rankings of her age group, behind only players from China and Japan.  She is regarded as an absolutely exceptional talent and the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat can claim in all good faith to be a significant contributor to her development.


In 2009, she participated with us in a “WSA-on-tour” Week in Faak am See where she was first noticed.  We immediately contacted the ITTF to advocate her incorporation into the special ITTF and WSA funding program.


As of now she plays for the Austrian Champion SVS STRÖCK and becomes another significant asset to the WSA Women’s Training Group and Austrian women’s table tennis.  

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