After the EC in front of the EC




The STRÖCK European Youth Championship is history.


At the close, the balance of the European Table Tennis Union was overwhelmingly positive. 




ETTU President Stefano Bosi, praised the event, which was co-hosted by the Austrian Table Tennis Association and the Werner Schlager Academy, as one of the best in the history of ETTU: "We have seen that there were absolute pros at work, and to this the fact that people in Austria are generally very friendly. This has made our staff to work here in Schwechat very easy and pleasant. "

High praise from the highest level, for us at the WSA and our great partners from ÖTTV under the leadership of General Secretary Rudolf Sporrer.  There is certainly no reason to lie, because: After these European Championships were conducted we have before us the European Championships to follow on 4 – 13 October 2013, and already the preparations for this tournament of the general class are beginning in the Werner Schlager Academy and the Multiversum in Schwechat where the event will be held. This will cause all the top stars of the European Championships on the Continent to visit Austria: among them Timo Boll, Michael Maze, Vladimir Samsonov to compete against Austria's most ambitious team that wants to play in front a large home crowd.

The EC 2013 is the next ultimate table tennis festival in Schwechat.

Before joy is already installed.


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