A Week Made in China



The LIEBHERR World Team Championships in Dortmund is coming.  It begins on Sunday.


Last week in the Werner Schlager Academy star players from many nations prepared for the tournament.  Among the countries were India, Iran, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belgium . . . all in Schwechat to get ready for the following week.


Right in the middle of it all, yet clearly the outstanding team: The Stars from China.  Ma Long (number 1 in the world), world champion Zhang Jike, Wang Hao, Olympic champion Ma Lin, world champion Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen, Guo Yan, SVS STRÖCK superstar Fan Ying, and many more brought a touch of table tennis Hollywood in our halls.

For several hours every day in China players became fit for Dortmund. Tactical exercises, rally training, service training, matches and all rounded off by numerous visits to the multi-training center in the Multiverse – their opponents will not have a lot of pleasure against them in Dortmund.

China's national team in Schwechat (as also last year before the 2011 World Championships in Rotterdam) is feeling fit as a fiddle and they again thanked the coaches and staff of the WSA.

It is definitely not the last visit by China to the Werner Schlager Academy.

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